Hand Building and Sculpting Clay Course - The Garden Rooms Crafts, East Grinstead


Learn how to hand build in clay using a variety of hand building techniques. Sculpt to make a unique item for your home. Beginners or advanced students are welcome.

This 4 X session course covers the basic had building techniques so you can sculpt clay to make a variety of forms.

Learn how to make a pinch pot, coil clay, slab clay to sculpt shapes. Decorate with coloured slips before the bisque firing. The option of a further transparent glaze can be applied to the form.

Week 1 - Wedging the clay making it suitable for use. Pinching it out to make a acorn shape or bird sculpture

Week 2 - Learn to Coil clay evenly to make a sculptural pot shape of your choice.

Week 3 - Learn to slab clay to build an animal or abstract form.

Week 4 - Finish making items consolidating your favourite making skill. Decorate with colours on to the leather hard clay before the bisque firing.

Each session is 3 hours and all material and tools are supplied. The cay will be dried bisque fired and the option of a transparent glaze. The pottery will be available for collection 4 weeks after the course.

Tea, coffee and chocolate included